Commodities and Energy

Commodities and Energy services
SuperDerivatives provides trading banks, hedge funds, producers, suppliers, FCMs, introducing brokers, CTAs and end users with a configurable front and middle office platform across multiple commodities. Our vast array of instruments, asset coverage, real time and award winning OTC market data and fast and compliant valuation services offers our clients a truly superior set of tools and services.

Trading products
Clearer vision and advanced pricing. SDX provides the most comprehensive array of assets and instruments for accurate valuation and validation. SDX deal capture, reports, MTM, proprietary valuation models, and embedded independent market data help you better view, structure, analyse and price complex trades across multiple commodities on one platform.

Fast, adaptable and cost effective. The growing complexity and regulatory requirements of the energy and commodity markets has lead to an increasing number of instruments and trading changes, creating a subsequent need for more transparent and efficient ways to manage them. SDX, at the cutting edge of product innovation, is committed to quickly capturing any new market structures, assets, or compliance needs. Our SaaS delivery model further ensures that technology costs are kept low and that upgrades are easily implemented.

Keeping it all together. We know that you need to manage a vast range of unique commodity and energy risks. SDX trade and risk views are designed to consolidate all of your commodity derivative and underlying risk trades across all commodity and energy asset classes in one place, making your trade and risk management easier and more efficient.

Market data
SuperDerivatives 24 hour global data management unit goes above and beyond to provide the most accurate independent data and analysis. Our award winning data is sourced from premium data providers including global and local commodity and energy brokers, market makers and exchanges. SDX data includes forward curves, volatility surfaces, and correlation term structures from the oil, natural gas, power, coal, refined petroleum, emissions, base and precious metals, agricultural softs/grains, livestock, freight, pulp and paper markets. SDX data is then subjected to unique and proven analytics and continuously calibrated against actual trades to ensure true reflection of the market. This generates smooth, continuous and arbitrage free forwards and volatilities for any tenors and strikes that banks, hedge funds, commodity producers and consumers use to validate their portfolios.

Clarity in OTC markets. Our commodity & energy market data covers rate curves for every exchange and OTC traded commodity; implied volatility surface data for vanilla to very exotic instruments on a duration time from O/N to 10 years; Tenors from 1day to 10 years on all OTC and exchange expiries.

Independent valuations
SuperDerivatives offers the most comprehensive and independent valuation service for energy and commodities, operated by its very own dedicated quantitative analysis team. Processing everything from vanilla swaps to extremely complex structures, we provide our valuation clients the ability to investigate the component factors used to derive the value of the trade.

Core Funtionality Click here for a full view

Pre-trade analysis
  • price discovery analysis
  • product coverage
  • market data monitor
  • multi asset historical analysis
  • excel integration
  • product construction
  • strategy store
  • strategy tester
  • formula linker
  • product distribution
  • price discovery on all products in all markets
  • price comparison
  • live market data
  • best reflection of interbank market prices
Quote management
  • online management of quotations
  • request for quote
  • online chat facility with trader
  • automated deal capture
Trade capture
  • one click trade capture
  • integration to downstream systems
  • trade maintenance in SDX
  • trade view
Trade blotter
  • view risk at book/position/trade level
  • view by client
  • manage lifecycle events
  • monitor risk and events

Market data viewer
  • volatility surfaces
  • all curves
  • dividend forecast
  • historical data
Risk analysis
  • manage portfolio or book of risk
  • derivatives and underlying hedges
  • bucketed risk
  • scenario analysis
  • HVaR & CVA
  • transaction & position reporting
  • risk reporting and exposure management
  • report integration to downstream systems