Foreign Exchange

FX Services
SuperDerivatives supports the FX derivative market with platforms tailored for trading, sales and risk management, as well as offering an electronic FX Option trading facility. We are also the global leader in OTC FX market data and independent valuations. We cover all traded currency pairs with deep, rich market data and cutting edge functionality.

Trading products
The leader in the FX derivative market. Our pricing capabilities on a vast range of instruments and structures across the entire spectrum of currency pairs are recognized as second to none. We have also recently introduced enhanced risk management functionality and launched DCX in partnership with FXCM.

Incomparable pricing analytics. With its continuously calibrated pricing models and award winning market data, SDX is the most accurate market price generator for every option type, currency pair or strike level being computed. Bid-ask prices for options truly reflect the inter-bank broker market. SDX includes all popular market models in addition to the SuperDerivatives model.

Structuring tools. SDX provides an easy to use tool to create bespoke structures from combinations and strips of instruments, linking their parameters with formulas, customising fields and then locking down the structure for repeated use.

DCX, trade execution directly from the platform. DCX is the only FX Option trading platform to comply with the expected SEF rules as a result of its ability to seek prices from multiple sources simultaneously. All SDX financial customers can add the DCX module at no extra charge as it plugs seamlessly into the system, making it the most complete front office trading platform available. Once you have opened your account you will be able to request real tradable prices from the market and place your own bids and offers, all executable at a single click with no brokerage. With the DCX extension you will be able to reach and trade with a great range of counterparties, all cleared through a central account.

Market data
Our FX market data is subject to a robust analytical process which runs 24 hours a day in order to cover the entire currency pair universe. The team emulates the processes followed by trading desks when constructing curves and surfaces.

Clarity in OTC markets. Every traded CCY pair, implied volatility surfaces for every traded CCY pair, 1 delta puts to 1 delta calls, tenors: 1 day to 30 years (5 years for non-liquids), implied and historical correlations: up to 15 years of history.

Independent valuations
We are trusted throughout the industry for our model and data independent valuations of derivatives, and our ability to process everything in the equity derivatives market from vanilla to extremely complex structured transactions.

Core Functionality Click here for a full view

Pre-trade analysis
  • price discovery analysis
  • product coverage
  • market data monitor
  • multi asset historical analysis
  • excel integration
  • product construction
  • strategy store
  • strategy tester
  • formula linker
  • product distribution
  • price discovery on all products in all markets
  • price comparison
  • live market data
  • best reflection of interbank market prices
Quote management
  • online management of quotations
  • request for quote
  • online chat facility with trader
  • automated deal capture
Trade capture
  • one click trade capture
  • integration to downstream systems
  • trade maintenance in SDX
  • trade view
Trade blotter
  • view risk at book/position/trade level
  • view by client
  • manage lifecycle events
  • monitor risk and events

Market data viewer
  • volatility surfaces
  • all curves
  • dividend forecast
  • historical data
Risk analysis
  • manage portfolio or book of risk
  • derivatives and underlying hedges
  • bucketed risk
  • scenario analysis
  • HVaR & CVA
  • transaction & position reporting
  • risk reporting and exposure management
  • report integration to downstream systems