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SuperDerivatives is recognised as a world-leader in the derivatives marketplace, and as such is often called upon to provide informed comment for respected publications across the globe. A selection of recent articles can be browsed below.

Risk Magazine | 01-Sep-14
Central banks ready to break swap market Libor habit    

Policy-makers are not content to leave the interest rate derivatives market anchored to Libor and its family of benchmarks, preferring the idea of a multi-rate world. "If you come in as a regulator and try to install something artificially, then people will wonder why. I do not think an imposed benchmark can possibly succeed. There has to be a desire for it," says Robert Emerson, head of fixed income and interest rates at software vendor SuperDerivatives. "And we already have a number of indexes. We have Libor, CMS, people still even trade CMT. There's Eonia, Sonia, base rate swaps. There are OIS swaps that are quite liquid – you can trade any size of Fed funds OIS swap out to five years. There are many benchmarks already."

Euromoney | 21-Aug-14
SEF report - The state of the global market    

The introduction of the US swap execution facility (SEF) rules has caused problems, globally. Markets have battled to adjust to this new way of trading and the fight, for many, is not over. “I believe we’ll see a flight to quality, only the strongest SEFs will make it” Zohar Hod, SuperDerivatives. "They are clear and well defined although of course there are still issues that need to be worked through.”

Waters Technology | 18-Aug-14
Swedish Pension Fund AP3 Rolls Out SuperDerivatives DataX and DGX Direct    

Swedish national pension fund AP3, with SEK 258.5 billion ($38.7 billion) has rolled out over-the-counter pricing and risk management software vendor SuperDerivatives' DataX market data service for investment analysis and valuation, as well as the vendor's DGX real-time market data, news and analysis terminal.

Euromoney | 13-Aug-14
SuperDerivatives goes live with exotic options trading venue    

SuperDerivatives has gone live with a new trading platform to trade exotic foreign-exchange options electronically, and plans to expand the number of tradable asset classes from metals and FX to include oil, equity derivatives, credit and interest rates.

FTSE Global Markets | 30-Jul-14
Interest rate liability hedging activity nears record high    

Robert Emerson, head of interest rates at SuperDerivatives, a provider of trade data and technology services, says, “The problems that have come to light in the wake of the Euribor, Libor and ISDAFIX scandals point to problems in oversight and in the processes used to generate these benchmarks, rather than problems in the benchmarks themselves.

FX Week | 18-Jul-14
SuperDerivatives queries Sef RFQ rules    

Technology vendor SuperDerivatives is seeking clarity from the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) over the rules governing request for quote (RFQ) trading on swap execution facilities (Sefs), in a move that highlights the confusion over the agency's Dodd-Frank rule-writing process.

FOW | 18-Jun-14
Firms not ready for August reporting deadline    

With some reporting procedures already in place, firms should have less to do to comply with the collateral reporting deadline, but many firms simply don’t have the necessary systems in place to carry out collateral reporting, said Zohar Hod, global head of sales and support, SuperDerivatives.

Banking Technology | 16-Jun-14
European trading venues the next generation    

Daily settlement prices and some final settlement prices for NLX futures are supported by SuperDerivatives, a company that specialises in cloud-based market data, derivatives trading technology and analytical tools.

Risk Magazine | 13-Jun-14
Asia favoured by OTC regulatory arbitrage    

Zohar Hod, global head of sales and support at derivatives technology and data provider SuperDerivatives, tells Hedge Funds Review that regulatory disincentives imposed by Dodd-Frank and the European Market Infrastructure Regulation make over-the-counter derivatives trading too expensive in the US and Europe; buy-side sources report the cost of posting collateral can be 10–20% lower when done with a less-regulated entity.

Tabb Forum | 11-Jun-14
Derivatives in Europe Entering a Brave New World    

Uncertainty surrounding impending European regulations and timelines for implementation may be complicated further by the recent elections, which does not bode well for the European derivatives market. Opinion piece by Zohar Hod, Global Head of Sales & Support at SuperDerivatives

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