corporex newPerfect clarity in
corporations risk management

  • Exposure view
    Exposure view

    Aggregating data directly from your ERP system (such as SAP, Oracle), treasury system, or by uploading an Excel spreadsheet, CorporeX provides you with the means to view your exposure and hedging status in a flexible and variable breakdown by subsidiaries, assets, periods or any other criteria. CorporeX provides risk management for either balance sheet exposure, cash flow, or a combination of both. The exposure and its corresponding hedge can be displayed by a wide range of analytic charts, spreadsheets and tools to enhance the decision making process.

  • Risk management
    Risk management

    CorporeX compares the hedging activity to the exposure in each asset class, and each period provides the hedge ratio per period (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually), and allows for proxy hedging with correlation. A rich “what if scenario” displays the status of the exposure and the hedging in various scenarios. In addition VaR and CFaR are available.

  • Hedge accounting
    Hedge accounting

    CorporeX is the ideal tool to document and perform hedge effectiveness tests. CorporeX supports all standards and methodologies approved by the ‘big 4’ auditors. It enables you to track hedges and test their effectiveness in relation to the necessary regulatory standards, ensuring compliance with accounting guidelines.

  • Cash management
    Cash management

    SuperDerivatives offers corporate clients a dedicated cash management module that connects two-ways to the ERP and other sources, in multiple formats, as a source of cash flow, budget, and planning information. This module functions as a treasury management system and also includes a bank reconciliation system designed to enable the adjustment of transaction records on the bank's statements, with the transactions recorded to the organisational ERP bookkeeping system.

  • Valuation and mark to market
    Valuation and mark to market

    In addition to displaying the real time mark to market of all trades, CorporeX connects directly to SuperDerivatives independent valuation service, eValueX, to offer a third party independent mark to market of all corporate trades, the required margin, and compliance with all accounting principles.

  • Trades management
    Trades management

    All trades can be fully managed on the system, including auto expiries, trigger activations, fixings, payment and margin calculations. Various alerts indicate needed activities in real time for your existing trades.

  • Loan management
    Loan management

    On the interest rates risk side, CorporeX includes a loan management tool that calculates the exposure of the most complicated loan structures and creates a cash flow forecast, payment schedule, interest rates exposure in multiple currencies, and compares it to the interest rates structures used for hedging.

  • Hedge analysis
    Hedge analysis

    The system provides you with derivatives based choices of hedging strategies. It takes into consideration the corporations’ exposure, hedging policy and the hedging budget limitations in order to suggest the best hedging strategy for your needs. After selecting the preferred hedging strategy, one can calculate the cost of the hedge with accuracy that compares to traders of top tier banks and that truly reflects interbank broker market prices. In addition, the system allows back testing of hedging strategies to analyse their historical efficiency, optimising future decision making accordingly.

  • Pricing and analytics
    Pricing and analytics

    Real-time, independent, market-accurate reference pricing and analytics capabilities covers the widest range of FX, interest rates, energy and commodities derivatives, from vanilla to the most advanced structures.

  • Deal execution
    Deal execution

    SuperDerivatives offers deal execution tools via its multi asset front office system. A corporation can request a quote (RFQ) from any bank and execute the trade electronically. The RFQ tool allows you to execute your hedge strategy directly from the front office platform into the risk management component seamlessly. Specifically for FX options, with the connectivity to DCX, SuperDerivatives multi bank trading platform allows users to receive quotes electronically, execute trades with banks, and automate booking and monitoring.

CorporeX is the next generation in corporate exposure management and risk compliance.

It has been designed specifically for corporations to provide an unparalleled comprehensive risk analysis solution, combining exposure and hedging of currencies, interest rates, commodities and energy in all cash and derivative products.

CorporeX is fully integrated with SDX, SuperDerivatives multi asset real time front office platform, and is powered by our award winning OTC implied market data.

  • Import or model all of your underlying exposures to currencies, interest rates, commodities and energy.
  • Optimise your hedging strategies utilising the most powerful derivative analysis tools available.
  • Gain clarity in the OTC markets: SuperDerivatives pricing is powered by our award winning OTC market data and truly reflects the live interbank market, allowing you to negotiate better.
  • Hedge accounting and regulatory compliance.
  • Optimise your technology spend; SuperDerivatives has been delivering cloud based SaaS derivatives systems for ten years.

Core Functionality Click here for a full view

Exposure analysis

Import underlying commodity, currency and interest rate risk. Import existing derivative positions, full modelling functionality and connectivity to source ERP systems.

Hedge analysis

What-if and scenario analysis to model best hedges, hedge effectiveness, model through time, and includes a huge library of possible hedge trades.

Counterparty exposure and limits

Track exposure to all counterparties, compliance limits monitoring, VaR and CFaR.

Cash management

Import multi-currency bank accounts. Import cash projections from source systems. Manage all cash movements and actions. Plan and forecast cash ladders.

Position management

Capture and manage all derivative hedges. Manage all derivative actions (fixings, exercise, expiry, etc.). View derivatives and underlying risks as a portfolio.

Hedge accounting

Methodology approved by the big 4 auditors. Perform hedge effectiveness tests. Full documentation audit trails.

Pricing and structuring

The most comprehensive and accurate coverage of derivatives pricing, structuring and analytics. Back testing and analysis tools. Live award winning market data.

Trade capture

Capture all derivative trades with a single click.


Reconcile cash positions across multiple sources and bank statements.