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  • Performance

    eValueX utilises the SuperDerivatives cloud and grid computing to calculate huge portfolios in an extremely short period of time. It is highly scalable, able to rapidly ramp up and down according to client requirements.

  • Regulation compliant
    Regulation compliant

    eValueX provides investors with the highest levels of transparency and enables them to comply with accounting, auditing and regulatory requirements and standards such as FAS 133, FAS 157, IAS 39, IFRS, MiFID, Best Execution and SAS 70.

  • Investigation tools
    Investigation tools

    eValueX is supported by a price auditor tool that will allow a valuation analyst to quickly understand how the value of a transaction was obtained by visualising all of the market data components. This can be used to check the value of any trade at any time against current fair market valuations.

  • Hard to value assets
    Hard to value assets

    The eValueX quantitative analyst team have years of experience valuing the most complex or exotic transactions, highly structured trades and illiquid assets. Working from term sheets, the team will recreate any structure, test for performance under various conditions and automate its valuation.

eValueX is the most comprehensive independent portfolio valuation service with practically unlimited coverage of assets and derivative products. Powered by SuperDerivatives award winning market data and our extremely accurate analytics, eValueX has its own dedicated quantitative analysis team that can price and then automate any bespoke complex structures in the portfolio, including rare highly bespoke structures.

eValueX provides end of day valuation any hour of the day using snapshots of real time data. The accuracy of eValueX stems from both the high quality of market data and the SuperDerivatives pricing models that truly reflect the interbank market prices.

  • Comprehensive, independent and market-reflective revaluation solution for entire portfolios.
  • Unparalleled coverage across asset classes, trade types and data cut times.
  • Super-accurate pricing based on our award winning market data and best in class analytics.
  • Provides accurate risk-sensitivity metrics (Greeks).
  • Streamlined, efficient and fully automated.
  • Dedicated technical and product support, 24 hours a day.