dcx newTrading Platform

  • Trading platform
    Trading platform

    This intuitive web-based platform which seeks prices from multiple sources, simultaneously supports price discovery, negotiation and execution, all the way to option expiration, powered by the industry benchmark SDX options pricing model. All SDX financial customers can add the DCX module at no extra charge providing you with the most comprehensive front office trading platform available.

  • Liquidity

    Liquidity on the DCX platform is growing rapidly with very positive feedback from market participants. We currently have over 20 liquidity providers / price makers with over 100 institutions either participating or in the process of signing up to the trading venue.

  • FXCM Partnership
    FXCM Partnership

    DCX is a partnership of SuperDerivatives and FXCM, the leading multi-bank trading platform for spot FX. It combines SuperDerivatives innovative and proven technology with FXCM’s global reach and network of price providers to deliver fast and efficient trading on superior pricing.
    For more information on FXCM visit www.fxcmpro.com

  • Post trade services
    Post trade services

    All trading and settlement services, including central counterparty clearing, will be carried out through a prime broker, thereby minimizing operational and counterparty risk. A comprehensive range of post-trade services is also available, including a built in automated option-exercise facility that provides customers with added life-cycle management capabilities and reduces operational risk.

DCX is a revolutionary state of the art multi bank trading platform for bespoke OTC derivatives. It is an anonymous platform with no broker fee using prime brokers for clearing. One can think of it as an exchange for OTC products. In its first phase it offers bespoke FX options in major and emerging markets currency pairs.

DCX is aimed to transform the way people trade FX options. It is the only active multi-sourced anonymous swaps execution facility (SEF) compliant platform. It promises you a wider market place, faster price comparisons, best execution from not less than 15 price providers in a single action and no brokerage. DCX is really a market place where every DCX user can see all the current interests and participate by submitting bids and offers and the depth of each bid and offer prices is published.

You will no longer be limited to trading with only those banks you have agreements with. DCX expands your horizons, giving access to an unprecedented number of institutions who specialize in specific currencies. DCX allows you to execute multi leg structures in one click with straight through processing (STP) to your risk system. It also provides an innovative electronic exercise/expire tool that can also be used for trades done outside DCX.

  • Efficient price discovery – the best bids and offers from all
  • Liquidity providers on one electronic trading venue clearing through an elected prime broker allows participants to close exact positions
  • Simultaneous delivery of fast and secure options pricing from multiple banks via APIs, and anonymous trading to level the playing field for all participants
  • Multi-participant request-for-quote/request-for-stream (RFQ/RFS) trading sessions, with published market-depth pricing for all parties
  • Regulatory compliance - complies with MiFID best execution and the SEC’s RegNMS regulations

Core Functionality Click here for a full view

Pricing and analytics

Full pricing and analytics functionality provided by SDX. Accurate market prices in any market.

Quote/order management

Request for Quote, Request for stream, bid and ask insertions. Monitor prices and market depth.

Deal execution

Trade execution at a click, take prices offered by the liquidity providers or make your own bid or offer on the market.

Deal capture

Trades can be automatically captured via the APIs and will appear instantly in the SDX Blotter.

Quote automation

Allows connectivity to proprietary quote automation engines.


Advanced new processes for automatically exercising or expiring options; no need for manual actions.


Settlement function will take place directly through your elected Prime Broker account.


All transactions will be able to be cleared through a CCP.

ISDA agreements

No need to manage multiple ISDA agreements and restrict who you trade with, one contract with DCX and your elected prime broker is all you need.