Citrix Access

SuperDerivatives (SD) has installed the Citrix Presentation Server in the SD Data Centres. This allows SD to provide dramatically accelerated access to its pricing applications via the Citrix Presentation Client, solving existing internet performance, security and access issues.

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Why use Citrix to access SD's applications?

If problems with internet access (resulting in slowness and bad response time when accessing and using the SD real-time pricing platforms) are due to any of the following:

  • Unreliable internet connection - access is very fast and always guaranteed with Citrix due to redundancy
  • High latency - especially in remote countries
  • Narrow bandwidth - where internet infrastructure is not advanced, or when a wide bandwidth is shared with many users. Citrix minimises bandwidth and maximises performance
  • Security issues - Citrix guarantees security, which is especially important when accessing SD outside the institution or via wireless internet

Citrix also ensures access for users without Windows or Internet Explorer, for example users with a Sun machine or those running Firefox browser.

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