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SuperDerivatives to launch real-time cloud-based market data platform DGX

London, 10 December 2012: SuperDerivatives, the leading provider of derivatives data and analytics, will launch its new real-time cash and derivatives market data platform DGX on 12/12/12.

DGX is a revolutionary cloud-based data, news, chat and analysis platform, delivering the widest range of cash and derivatives market data direct to users’ desktop, iPad or mobile device through a modern, user-friendly interface.

Developed over two years in response to demand for an alternative to installed systems that participants are finding prohibitively expensive in today’s cost-sensitive environment, DGX delivers real-time data with unparalleled depth and accuracy from the SuperDerivatives cloud via an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It will be rolled out to existing SuperDerivatives customers free of charge.

DGX is entirely free text based and is driven by a very powerful search engine, it has advanced new chat facilities including video and multi-party chat, newsfeed and commentaries from multiple sources, a Twitter feed and live business television channels. The platform also provides access to a huge variety of additional data sources and third party apps via the DGX Store.

DGX data coverage includes:

• 800,000 bonds (sovereigns, agencies and supra-nationals, corporates, euro bonds, MBS, ABS)
• 50,000 stocks, indices and ETFs
• 4,000 CDS curves
• 500 energy products (power and gas, oil, oil products, emission)
• All metals, 250 agriculture products and wet and dry freight
• All interest rates (all yield curves including OIS, implied correlations, basis spreads, inflation, BMA)
• Currencies of every country - major and all emerging markets

David Gershon, CEO of SuperDerivatives comments: “In a market environment where most participants are struggling to pay the high annual fee charged by the large market data firms, DGX leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver a cost-effective alternative.

“The widest coverage and most forward-thinking functionality is delivered through a remarkably intuitive platform, removing the high costs associated with old-fashioned installed data services. No expensive terminals, no complicated codes – DGX enhances trading operations while slashing data spends.

“We believe DGX is set to transform the market data space, enabling us to obtain a significant market share relatively fast and reach a large professional user base in markets across the globe.”


About SuperDerivatives
SuperDerivatives is the global leader for cloud-based real time market data, derivatives technology and valuation services for the financial and commodity markets.At the core of SuperDerivatives is our live market data, available both in real-time and as a set of end-of-day independent market rates. It is this exceptional market data that fuels our solutions, and is why the global financial community voted us ‘Best Data Provider for Derivatives’.

SuperDerivatives’ multi-asset front office technology is designed to be modular and extendable. Based on our core pricing and analytics product SDX, the market benchmark for options, functionality can be extended to include a position viewer, risk management, corporate exposure analysis and connectivity to live SEF compliant market venues. Our independent valuation services are supported by a unique technology platform that allows users to conduct full pricing investigations.

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