real-time market data for cash and derivatives

All the data you need. Nothing you don’t.

DGX is a revolutionary cloud-based real-time market data, news, chat and analysis platform, delivering the widest range of cash and derivatives market data direct to your desktop, iPad or mobile device through a modern, user-friendly interface.

Developed over the last two years in direct response to market need, DGX provides the widest data coverage for both cash and derivatives in all asset classes, including bonds (sovereigns, agencies and supra-nationals, corporates, euro bonds, MBS, ABS), stocks, indices and ETFs, CDS curves, energy products (power and gas, oil, oil products, emission), metals, agriculture products, wet and dry freight, interest rates (all yield curves including OIS, implied correlations, basis spreads, inflation, BMA) and currencies of every country - major and all emerging markets.

All this is delivered through a remarkably intuitive platform, removing the high costs associated with old-fashioned installed data services. No expensive terminals, no complicated codes – DGX is entirely free text based and leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance your trading operations while slashing your data spend.